Utah Grandma Found Not Guilty of Sex Abuse

Utah Grandmother Bente Hansen was accused in 2006 of sexually abusing her grandchildren but was soon found not guilty at jury trial before Third District Court Judge Terry L. Christiansen. The lack of physical evidence aided in her acquittal. In cases where eyewitness accounts provide the strongest evidence they are usually seriously relied on by the jury.  However, Hansen’s Utah criminal defense attorney Clayton Simms was able to effectively argue that the lack of physical evidence combined with eyewitness testimony which was only given after extensive therapy was not reason to convict Bente Hansen.  Although Taylorsville police have described the related cases as some of the most troubling sex abuse and incest cases they’d ever seen their opinion did not prove true in the case of Bente Hansen. (“Grandma is not Guilty”, Salt Lake Tribune, Reavy, 9/8/06).

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