What information is on Utah’s Sex Offender Registry?

Utah’s Sex Offender Registry is called SONAR (Sex and Kidnap Offender Notification and Registration).

The Utah Sex Offender Registry list contains the following details:

  • Name
  • Aliases you use or have used
  • Physical Description Information
    • Current photo of offender
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Race
    • Hair
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Eye Color
    • Scar/Tattoos
  • Address and Other Known Addresses
  • Professional Licenses
  • Type of vehicle offender drives
  • Information on the crime that offender was convicted
    • Description of offense
    • Date convicted
    • Date released from prison
    • Details about offense
    • (Victim information is not listed)

Utah law states that “members of the public are not allowed to use the information to harass or threaten offenders or members of their families; and harassment, stalking, or threats against offenders or their families are prohibited and doing so may violate Utah criminal laws.”  Utah Code Section 77-27-21.5(24)(b-c).

If you are on Utah’s Sex Offender Registry and someone is harassing you, call the police.  If the police are unresponsive due to your status as a sex offender, call a top Utah criminal defense attorney that can help protect you from harassment.

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