Utah Police Officers may be trained to Lie

photo: Vincent J. Brown

photo: Vincent J. Brown

Jim Donahue is an experienced police office with an extensive resume which includes work as U.S. Customs & Immigration Officer, and status as Ambassador for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund in Washington D.C. He recently wrote an article concerning a major ethical dilemma that the police face everyday: lying.

“Cops learn very early that lying is an essential part of survival, self-preservation and self defense. However, some cops don’t know where to stop. Although lying is not officially accepted behavior, in reality it is tacitly approved by our leaders and seasoned officers. There is enormous peer pressure to conform. Ours is a battle-hardened band of brothers. Nearly every cop is a superb example of humanity, but some cops cannot seem to find the line. They end up on a slippery slope, with their lives and careers sliding into a cesspool of ethical failure. Worse, they call on their brothers to conceal and protect them from scrutiny or incrimination.” (Donahue, Office.com, 7/6/2010)

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