Not Guilty Verdict in Microwave Baby Murder Case

A miracle for criminal defense attorney, Jon Paul Rion, happened when the conviction in his case was reversed.  Rion’s client, China Arnold was convicted of putting her baby in the microwave oven. However, The Dayton Daily News quoted, ” The conviction was reversed based upon prosecutorial misconduct and the recantation of the state’s star witness, Linda Williams, according to Arnold’s defense attorney, Jon Paul Rion. After Arnold was convicted, Williams came forward and said that she lied to the jury about Arnold confessing that she put her daughter Paris Talley in a microwave oven… Williams said that she was threatened with jail time by members of the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office if she did not stick to the original testimony that she gave the jury during Arnold’s trial”. Rion was able to find out after the trial that “the prosecutor hid a witness in motels for months, changing motels to avoid discovery, and failed to reveal critical information”. Luckily, for attorney Rion and his client Arnold, their not so happy ordeal ended with justice being served.

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