Thought Provoking Articles on Drug Policy Reform & Trends in Marijuana Legalization

“The Nation” magazine in it’s December 27, 2010 Special Issue: Dare to End the War on Drugs takes on Drug Policy Reform, Federal Sentencing in Drug Cases & the Liberties we have given up in the American War on Drugs. Two of the more interesting and thought provoking articles include:

Altered State: California’s Pot Economy
Despite the defeat of Proposition 19, growers in California are expanding a profitable system for cultivating pot. By  Sasha Abramsky

Budding Prospects: Youth Activists Push Marijuana Reform
Fueled by serious funds, young advocates of legalization are poised for big gains.
By Aaron Houston

A Husband or Wife Married to a Person with a Utah Criminal Record Might Have Harder Time Getting Job

Getting a job in Utah’s economy is tough, but with a criminal background it can be even harder. An online blog states that “employers may run criminal records checks on the spouse of a job applicant as well and decide not to hire somebody based on their spouse’s criminal record, even if the applicant has a squeaky clean record”.  This is not only true for Military like jobs but everyday jobs such as computer programmers.  It’s not just those with a criminal history who suffer employment discrimination, but their spouses may as well.

The collateral consequences of a criminal conviction may include loss of driver’s license, inability to get bonded/insured, loss of professional license (teacher, pharmacist, doctor or nurse), increased insurance premiums, loss of employment, inability to travel to foreign countries and sometimes sex offender registration.  Now, it appears that even a spouse may suffer when their husband or wife has a criminal conviction.

In Utah It Just Got A Little Harder To Hide Your Porn

In Utah, it is now even harder to hide porn from spouses. A new product entitled the “Porn Stick” which allows you to scan your entire computer for current or deleted pornographic pictures. It seems justifiable for people like Special Agent Rusty Isakson who uses the “porn stick to help with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force”. However, it might be fringing on privacy/trust issues for couples. Although a lot of porn is legal to use, it might end you a few nights in the doghouse. Now that this device is available to the public, what is the porn stick going to be used for next? Future Employment? Church interviews?