M.A.D.D and Utah Police Are on the Lookout for Drunk Drivers During Holidays

Utah police officers are likely to be on the lookout for drunk drivers this holiday season since the organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving or most commonly known as M.A.D.D, have launched a campaign to encourage people to not drink and drive this holiday season. Statistics show that 30 percent of Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related incident sometime in their lives. What does this mean for holiday drinkers?KSL.com article reports: The average drunk driver has driven impaired 87 times before their are first pulled over for it. Be careful when driving and drinking any alcohol because the hyper vigilant and aggressive attitude of the Police and M.A.D.D. can encourage false arrests for DUI.

M.A.D.D’s suggestions for people drinking alcohol this holiday season: Eat high protein snacks while drinking, which lessen alcohol’s effect on the body and (obviously) find alternate transportation accommodations such as a designated non-drinking driver.

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