Theft Gone Wrong: Man Attempts to Siphon Gas From A Motorhome, But He Mistakenly Drains The Sewage Tank Instead.

Although high gas prices may be getting to Utahns into a financial crisis, siphoning may not always be what you think (siphoning is when you transport liquid from one place to another, usually using sucking the liquid from a rubber hose). Not only could gas siphoning get you a criminal charge, but it could also get you a mouthful of sewage.

Dennis Quigley, woke one morning to a thief siphoning gas from his motor home only to find the thief passed out next to his own vomit. Apparently the thief had sucked from the wrong tank and got sewage instead of gasoline. Police stated that “No charges were pressed cuz Dennis thought the dumb thief had suffered enough”.

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