Utah Criminal Legal Definition: Burglary

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Utah Burglary includes unlawful entry into a home/dwelling or a business with in the intent to steal, commit an assault or another Felony. If the burglary is of a business, then the offense is a third degree felony. If the burglary is of a home, then the offense is most a second degree felony.

It should be noted that a defendant may be charged with burglary of a dwelling if he enters not into the home itself, but merely into an attached garage.

Another type of burglary is that of a vehicle burglary, which is a class B Misdemeanor. Vehicle Burglary is committed when a person unlawfully enters a vehicle with the intention of committing a felony or a theft. If you enter into someone’s car and steal their radio, then you could be charged with vehicle burglary. Interestingly, if a person is homeless and living in their car and you break into their car that is considered to be burglary of a home/dwelling, which is a Felony.

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