Attempted Murder Conviction in Utah

There is no question that attempted murder is a serious offense. Last week, Cody Augustine found out just how terrible attempted murder is when he was sentenced to a Utah prison for three years to life for his role in the 2008 battle ax attack on a 17-year-old boy. The jury found Augustine guilty of first-degree felony attempted murder and rejected defense counsel’s request for conviction on a lesser charge.  The sentencing judge gave the defendant the maximum sentence possible.

Photo: Griannan

There are many reasons to contact an attorney when you are faced with a difficult situation, but if you or someone you care about needs help with any serious crime, do not settle for anyone less than the best. The right defense counsel will listen to your side of the story, something the police might not be interested in. Use your right to counsel, and don’t say anything to the police. Let an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney do your talking. There’s a reason attorneys attend an additional three years of law school and must attend continuing legal education throughout their career. They learn the law so that you don’t have to. Some law enforcement personnel may inadvertently or purposefully take advantage of your lack of knowledge when it comes to the legal system. That is when your Utah attorney will step in, doing his or her own professional investigation and making sure the facts are accurately portrayed.

Remember that some situations get out of control, and it’s not necessarily your fault. Perhaps you got caught up in the heat of the moment. Whatever happened, you are entitled to the best defense possible, so get an expert in Utah criminal law on your side, fighting for your rights.

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