Theft of Heavy Equipment in Utah

The Crime

Theft of heavy equipment must be a little more difficult to plan than the average robbery. Thieves stole equipment worth $80,000 from a Weber County business. The items stolen include: two tractors, two flatbed trailers, two side-by-side vehicles and four tractor tires. Apparently, the two tractors were brand new and still in crates. It is likely that the thieves would have had to use a forklift at the store to load the crates onto trailers.

Photo: Bob

According to law enforcement, the thieves probably had to spend a fair amount of time getting the equipment loaded before driving off with it. No one seems to have seen or heard anything around the time of the theft.

Robbery, Burglary and Theft

Generally, robbery is when one person takes or tries to take the personal property of another person, either directly from that person or in his presence. Robbery can also be using force or fear of immediate force when taking or attempting to take someone else’s property. Robbery is a second-degree felony.

Burglary, on the other hand, usually occurs when an uninvited individual breaks into a home, business or other place with the intent to commit theft or some other illegal action. For example, a person who breaks into a home and vandalizes the home but doesn’t take any personal property can be charged with burglary. Burglary is generally a third-degree felony, unless it is committed in a dwelling, in which case it would be a second-degree felony.

Theft occurs when someone obtains or exercises unauthorized control over the property of another person with an intent to deprive the person of his property. A person can be charged with burglary and theft if they break into a business and steal property belonging to the business. Theft of property is usually a second-degree felony if the value of the property stolen is over $5000.

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