Registered Sex Offender and Lewdness in Utah

If a registered sex offender is trying to do right and obey the law, he should be allowed to focus on rehabilitation. On the other hand, if he exposes himself in public and people, including children, see him, he’s in for further trouble with law enforcement.

Photo: Orin Zebest

A man was arrested Sunday after a woman and her children on their way to church saw him exposing himself. Another witness reported seeing the man as well.

The man is a registered sex offender stemming from a felony child sex abuse conviction in 2000. He has had multiple misdemeanor and felony convictions from a variety of problems, including lewdness, over the years. Now he is being investigated for lewdness and lewdness involving a child.

Lewdness involving a child is normally a class A misdemeanor, but the charge is greater if the person is a registered sex offender or has previously been convicted of lewdness involving a child. In those cases, the charge is a third-degree felony.

Lewdness in the presence of someone 14 years old or older is a class B misdemeanor if it is a person’s first or second violation of the law. However, it is a third-degree felony if the person is a sex offender, has been convicted of violating the law two or more times or has been convicted of lewdness involving a child.

Considering the fact that this man has had several run-ins with the law, many involving sexual-related crimes, it seems that he needs to have help he’s not getting, for whatever reason.

Regardless of the crimes a person has been charged with, he or she deserves to be represented by an attorney who is well-versed in Utah law. If you or a loved one is in a legal jam, don’t wait to hire an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney. You may need additional services as well, but let an attorney be your voice and advocate in a situation that requires legal expertise. You will do yourself a favor when you allow a criminal defense attorney to navigate the confusing legal world on your behalf.

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