Cabin Burglar On the Loose

If you own a cabin, be on the lookout for the cabin burglar. He may break-in, eat your food, sleepover and shoot your walls with his gun. As funny as that may sound, police in three Utah counties are seriously searching for a man that they believe is armed and possibly dangerous.

Photo: Jeramey Jannene

Cabin Burglar Spotted

Law enforcement officials in Kane, Garfield and Iron Counties are aggressively hunting for a man who has been spotted by a security camera outside an individual’s cabin. The man appears to be in camouflage clothes and is carrying a rifle. Police believe that the same man has spent time in various cabins over the past few years, usually during the winter months. When owners return to their cabins in the spring, they find they’ve had an uninvited guest during their absence.

Police are recommending caution if anyone encounters this man. That is sound advice for any break-in, whether it occurs at your home or place of business. It’s better that someone who slept in your bed leave peacefully then that a situation escalates into violence, no matter how wronged a person feels about having his pajamas worn by a stranger.

Burglary in a Dwelling

Burglary committed in a dwelling (home) is usually a second-degree felony. You will likely be considered a burglar by police if you enter a building or remain in a building without permission and intend to commit a felony, a theft, or an assault, to name just a few burglary-related crimes. Second-degree felonies can find you serving a 1-15 year prison sentence.

Criminal Trespass isn’t Burglary

Criminal trespass is also against the law. When a person unlawfully enters or remains in a dwelling, but doesn’t commit burglary, he can be charged with a class A misdemeanor. Class A misdemeanors can carry up to a one-year jail sentence.

Call an Attorney Today

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