Utah Burglar Tracked by Thumbdrive

Utah police solved a recent burglary in Utah County after doing a little homework—finding someone’s homework, that is.

Photo: Marc Falardeau

Burglar Takes Advantage of Open Window

A man allegedly entered a couple’s home through an opened window and at some point was confronted by the homeowner. The burglar pushed the homeowner out of the room, but the man reentered and got hit in the face for his trouble.

The burglar left, and the homeowner called police. When law enforcement arrived, they found a backpack on the lawn—but no ID inside. They did, however, discover a thumbdrive which contained homework with the alleged burglar’s name on it.

Burglar Booked into Jail

Police tracked down the suspect and arrested him. He appeared to be drunk and was in possession of a camera from the home he’d supposedly broken into. The alleged burglar has been booked into jail and is being investigated for burglary, theft and assault, as well as alcohol consumption by a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A Few Hints

This true incident comes with a variety of suggestions: don’t steal, don’t drink to excess, don’t take your backpack with identifying info when you’re breaking into someone’s home and so forth. It also contains an idea for homeowners—don’t leave doors or windows opened or unlocked. It’s the perfect invitation for a potential burglar.

If convicted of the crimes he’s being investigated for, this Utah burglar could be spending a lot of time in jail. Hopefully he’ll now make a smart move and hire the services of a top Utah criminal defense attorney. When you’re facing any kind of legal trouble, get an attorney who is an expert in Utah criminal law on your side.

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