Utah Man Responsible for Arson Goes to Police

A Utah man recently turned himself into law enforcement for committing arson almost one month after being released from prison for serving an arson-related sentence.

Photo: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Accused

Wilbert Fike, Jr. admitted to starting a fire in Memory Grove. Interestingly, Fike has previously gone to police after starting other fires—another in Memory Grove. He’s been convicted of felony arson and misdemeanor arson in the past, and has a history of other criminal convictions.

What are the Penalties for Committing Arson?

The penalties for arson in Utah depend a great deal on the value of property damaged and whether or not a person was injured or killed. You could be charged with anything from a class B misdemeanor up to a first-degree felony. On occasion, a person could be charged with a capital crime if he commits arson and a person dies as a result. Someone who is found guilty of a capital crime could potentially receive a death sentence in Utah.

Criminal Charges Require the Services of a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Since Fike appears to have a penchant for starting fires to the extent he might not be able to stop himself, he is in need of qualified help both legally and mentally. We’ve discussed before how important it is to not discuss your case or situation with anyone but your Utah criminal defense attorney. You want to be sure that events don’t get twisted and used against you, and your attorney can help you in that regard.

If you or a loved one is in a legal jam, be it arson or otherwise, contact a Utah criminal defense attorney today. Every Utahn charged with a crime deserves the best representation possible.

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