Alleged Utah Burglar Takes Property—and Shower

A suspected Utah burglar recently got away with more than a lot of personal property, she also took advantage of the victim’s shower, too.

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Detour By Way Of the Bathroom

Although that may sound a bit unusual, the alleged Utah burglar is reported to be homeless—so taking a shower may have seemed like a good idea at the time.

The woman who supposedly burgled a West Valley City home is believed to have stolen close to $7000 worth of property during the break-in, a time when no residents were in the home. She has been charged with burglary and theft, both second degree felonies.

Utah Burglaries Come With Hefty Penalties

Burglary seems to be a fairly commonly occurring crime, but the penalties are not any less substantial. A person found guilty of committing a second degree felony can be sentenced to anywhere from 1-15 years in prison.

As a reminder, burglary is the unauthorized entering or remaining in a building with the intent to commit:

• A felony
• Theft
• An assault on any person
• Lewdness
• Sexual battery
• Lewdness involving a child
• Voyeurism

Burglary is normally a third degree felony except when it’s committed in a residence, such as this case, when the charge goes up a degree.

Additionally, if you commit burglary in a home as well as another crime, such as lewdness, you will be charged with two crimes—burglary and lewdness.

Get Advice from a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have further questions about what constitutes burglary or any other crime, don’t hesitate to contact a Utah criminal defense attorney. Let a top attorney who is well-versed in Utah criminal law be your advocate with law enforcement and the courts. Help yourself by calling a Utah criminal defense attorney today.

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