Utah Dog Laws

Man’s best friend definitely has his place, but in order to keep your dog—and the public—safe, you should know just what is and isn’t acceptable according to Utah dog laws.

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Owners are Liable for Their Dog’s Actions

Utah dog laws state that any person who owns or keeps a dog is responsible for any damages for injury committed by their dog. Interestingly, an accuser doesn’t have to suggest or prove that the dog was mischievous, vicious or that the owner was aware of those traits in his dog.

Law Enforcement Dogs

If a dog is trained to assist law enforcement, then no entity or person can be held liable for any injuries or damages that occur to an individual during his detaining or arrest, etc. So, if your arm is broken by a K-9 dog during your arrest, you probably won’t get anywhere complaining about it.

Pack of Dogs

Let’s say your dog gets together with another person’s dog and they wreak havoc on someone else’s property. Utah dog laws note that both dog owners may be held responsible for the damages, even if they did nothing to encourage the dogs’ behavior.

Injuring or Killing a Dog

There are circumstances when it is legal to injure or kill a dog. Those include when the dog is:

• Attacking, chasing or worrying:
• A domestic animal that has commercial value
• A service animal
• Any species of hoofed protected wildlife
• Attacking domestic fowls
• Being pursued for committing an above-specified act

The Bottom Line

If you’re a dog owner, it’s best to keep tabs on your dog so that he doesn’t get into any trouble or mischief. After all, you’ll probably be held accountable if he does cause any problems for someone else.

If you have further questions about these—or any other—Utah dog laws, don’t hesitate to contact a Utah criminal defense attorney right away. Let an experienced attorney help you understand your rights and responsibilities under Utah law.

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