Utah Laws on Child Pornography

Child pornography in Utah is also referred to as sexual exploitation of a minor and is a usually a second degree felony.

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

You might be considered guilty of sexual exploitation of a minor if you:

• Produce, possess or possess with intent to distribute any type of child pornography
• Intentionally distribute or view child pornography
• Are the parent or legal guardian of a child whom you allow to be sexually exploited as mentioned above

Multiple Cases of Child Porn Can Receive Separate Charges

Utah law is pretty specific about how many times you can be charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. You can be charged for a separate offense for each minor included in the pornography and for each time the same minor is depicted in different child pornography.

Let’s say you decide to view one picture of child pornography and it turns out that there are three different children under the age of 18 in the picture. You will likely be charged with three separate second degree felonies—one for each under-age child in the picture.

If you are charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and it turns out that no one under the age of 18 appeared in the pornography, you can use that as a defense against the charge.

You Deserve Legal Help

Child pornography is an unpleasant crime, both for the victims and anyone who views it. Many people become unfortunately addicted to pornography and end up serving lengthy prison sentences because of their addiction.

If you are having legal troubles related to child pornography, don’t wait to get the help you need. It’s best to contact an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney who has a proven track record when it comes to defending clients accused of white collar crimes. You are not beyond the reach of amendment. Let an attorney provide you with the best defense possible as you work to straighten out your life.

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