911 Dispatch Helps With Homework

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A four-year-old did what his mother told him when he was having trouble with his math, he called for help:

Admittedly adorable, this video is useful to remind us that use of emergency services may come with consequences if no there is no actual emergency. Under Utah Code section 76-9-202, it is a crime to report an emergency or cause the reporting of an emergency when an emergency does not actually exist. For example, in September of 2012, a Provo, Utah man was arrested for making several non-emergency 911 calls. Benjamin Bang made four phone calls to 911 and was transported to the hospital but released because no medical attention was needed. When asked why he was requesting an ambulance, Mr. Bang told officers that he needed a drink of water. Provo Resident Arrested for 911 Abuse, ABC4.com, (Sept. 19, 2012, 3:55PM). It’s good to remember that the use of emergency services uses time and money resources that may have to be reimbursed if such services are abused.

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