Murder Plea After Discovery of Decomposing Body

A Utah man pleaded guilty to murder after police discovered the decomposing body of his brother in the mobile home they shared.

Photo: Keith Riley-Whittingham

The Backstory

The man apparently shot his brother several times and then put the body in a room and sealed the room off from the rest of the house. The accused stated that he has an addiction to prescription painkillers and killed his brother for reasons related to that addiction. Upon request, the man received an immediate sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

There are Multiple Types of Criminal Homicide

Murder is one type of criminal homicide that a person may be charged with. You may be guilty of criminal homicide if you intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, with criminal negligence or acting with a particular mental state cause someone’s death.

Other types of criminal homicide include:

• Aggravated murder
• Manslaughter
• Child abuse homicide
• Homicide by assault
• Negligent homicide
• Automobile homicide

The death of an unborn child is not criminal homicide if the death was caused by the mother’s criminally negligent or reckless act or as long as it wasn’t an intentional or knowing act of the woman. Also, an unborn child’s death isn’t criminal homicide solely because the person refused to consent to medical treatment or a cesarean section or failed to follow medical advice.

Talk to a Criminal Defense Attorney

You don’t have to be charged with murder to consult with a Utah criminal defense attorney. No criminal charge is too minor to get the advice of legal counsel. Taking time to talk to a Utah criminal defense attorney can give you peace of mind and may help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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