Utah Arrest Warrant Issued After Child Abuse

A 27-year-old Utah woman is being sought after an arrest warrant concerning child abuse was issued for her. Shea Sheeran is facing multiple charges from at least two jurisdictions.

Photo: Javier Rapoport

Alleged Drug Use During Pregnancy

Sheeran has been charged with child abuse and child endangerment following the August birth of her child. Sheeran allegedly used drugs, both prescribed and illegal, throughout her pregnancy. When the child was born, he tested positive for both amphetamines and opiates and he exhibited symptoms of drug withdrawal.

Sheeran supposedly admitted to taking prescription drugs in spite of her knowledge that they could harm the fetus. She has an extensive criminal history dating back at least as far as 2003.

What is Child Endangerment?

According to Utah law, a person can be charged with child endangerment in the second degree if he engages in specific conduct involving drugs and, as a result of such conduct a child suffers bodily injury, substantial bodily injury or serious bodily injury.

Child Abuse is Different than Child Endangerment

Child abuse can include causing an injury or condition that impairs the physical condition of a child. When a child suffers a serious physical injury, the charge can be a second degree felony.

If you are found guilty of a second degree felony in Utah, you may be sentenced from 1-15 years in prison—per charge.

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