Utah Capital Murder Case Dismissed

A Utah man, Donald Eugene Younge, has had a capital murder charge against him dropped by the prosecution in the case.

Photo: David Davies

Capital Murder in Utah

Younge was charged in 2008 with numerous felonies relating to the 1999 murder of a University of Utah student and attempted murder of her friend. Younge supposedly entered the student’s apartment and eventually stabbed two occupants, one dying from her injuries. The other victim identified Younge as the person who attacked her, but at this point the prosecution seems to feel there is not enough evidence to go forward with the case.

The capital murder case against Younge was dismissed without prejudice. That means that prosecutors can re-file capital murder charges against the man at some future point if they believe they have the appropriate evidence. According to reports, Younge’s defense attorney has consistently maintained that his client is innocent of the (now dismissed) charges. Younge is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence on an unrelated conviction.

You Need a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

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