Double Homicide in Utah

Police are searching for clues in what is believed to be a double homicide in Utah. The bodies were discovered after firefighters responded to a call that the victims’ house was on fire. Both victims had allegedly been shot, as well.

Photo: JMR_Photography

What Constitutes Criminal Homicide?

Criminal homicide in Utah is defined as:

• causing the death of another human being intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, with criminal negligence or a certain mental state

There are several types of criminal homicide in Utah, including:

• aggravated murder
• murder
• manslaughter
• child abuse homicide
• homicide by assault
• negligent homicide
• automobile homicide

Possible Penalties for Committing Criminal Homicide

Depending on the type of homicide a person is charged with or found guilty of, the penalties can be as follows:

• Third degree felony—up to five years in prison
• Second degree felony—1-15 years in prison
• First degree felony—five years to life in prison

• Class C misdemeanor—up to 60 days in jail
• Class B misdemeanor—up to six months in jail
• Class A misdemeanor—up to one year in jail

As you can see by these numbers, if you are found guilty of any crime you may be spending time in jail or prison. That’s why it’s extremely beneficial to hire a top Utah criminal defense attorney to help handle any criminal case you’re involved in.

Your reputation and freedom are priceless. You don’t need to be charged with a serious crime like homicide in Utah to make the right move and talk to a Utah criminal defense attorney today.

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