Identity Thieves Have Fun at Utah Target Stores

Two identity thieves are now preparing to pay for their whirlwind shopping spree at Targets throughout Utah.

Going on a Shopping Spree

Photo: Jay Reed

Photo: Jay Reed

The two men are believed to be part of a group of four who would take credit cards not belonging to any of them and use them to charge all sorts of fun items at Utah Target stores. You do have to wonder what four people would do with seven Ipads?

The two identity thieves have been charged with one first degree felony charge concerning a pattern of unlawful activity and nine second degree felony counts of use of a fraudulent transaction card. A third conspirator agreed to cooperate in the prosecution of his partners, and police are currently looking for the fourth man.

When a person is charged with engaging in a pattern of unlawful activity in Utah, it means he has chosen to participate in at least three incidents of something illegal. Those incidents, while occurring at different times, are related by having similar purposes, victims, etc.

Use of a fraudulent transaction card is a fancy way of saying that a person is using an ill-gotten debit or credit card. The card may belong to someone else or have been illegally applied for directly from the credit card company. Regardless of how the card is obtained, it’s against the law to use a debit or credit card that hasn’t been issued to you or one that has been revoked or expired.

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