Utah Police Discover 150 Marijuana Plants in Child’s Bedroom

A Utah man has been arrested following the discovery of nearly 150 marijuana plants in his home, some located in his 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Marijuana in the Bedroom

The man allegedly had marijuana plants growing in every room in his house. Police believe he possessed around 70 pounds of the drug. His daughter is now in the custody of her mother.

Just Say “No” to Marijuana in Utah

It’s illegal to grow, possess, use or distribute marijuana in Utah. If you’re convicted of a marijuana-related crime, you will be guilty of a third degree felony and could spend up to five years in prison. If you don’t learn from your mistakes and are convicted of a similar offense a second time, you’ll be guilty of a second degree felony and the punishment will potentially increase to a 1-15 year prison sentence.

Being in control of or possessing 100 pounds or more of marijuana is a second degree felony. It’s a third degree felony to possess 17 ounces up to 99 pounds of marijuana.

If you’re discovered with marijuana inside the property boundaries of any prison, jail or correctional facility your sentence will automatically jump up one degree. In addition, the court shall sentence you to serve one year consecutively. The court may decide to sentence you to an indeterminate sentence that can last up to five years and run consecutively.

Watch Out for the Drug Free Zones

There are also several areas that are specifically drug-free zones in Utah. Some of those places include: schools, child-care facilities, public parks, amusement parks, arcades, churches, shopping malls, theaters, stadiums and libraries. A person convicted of a drug-related crime in a drug-free zone will be guilty of a first degree felony and be required to spend a minimum of five years in prison without the possibility of a suspended sentence or probation.

Contact a Utah criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been charged with any drug-related crime. There is no such thing as an insignificant jail or prison sentence, and you should go into court having the best possible legal representation you can find. Make the right call today.

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