Former Utah Rodeo Chairman Charged with Embezzlement

A Utah man who took over as the Days of ’47 Rodeo chairman after his father died has been charged with three second degree felonies in conjunction with his alleged fraud and embezzlement.

Photo: Jeff Moss

Photo: Jeff Moss

Long-Term Embezzlement

Brad Harmon has supposedly been very busy for the past 10 years stealing funds intended for the nonprofit Days of ’47, Inc. fund. Harmon is believed to be responsible for the embezzlement of over $300,000 donated by numerous sponsors.

He creatively organized a nonprofit company with a name similar to the original Days of ’47 corporation, and then deposited checks written to his nonprofit and used the money for personal expenses. Harmon is also dealing with a civil lawsuit filed against him by the group running the Days of ’47 organization. One of the checks allegedly received and deposited by the former Salt Lake County Sheriff’s deputy was for almost $16,000 from Wrangler Clothing and is the check that spurred the civil lawsuit against Harmon.

Crime and Punishment

A second degree felony can come with a nifty price tag of 1-15 years in prison. If a person is found guilty of multiple felonies, he can be required to serve his sentences concurrently or consecutively—it depends on the judge. Consecutive sentences mean that you start serving the next prison term immediately after you finish the previous sentence.

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