Weird Utah Bicycle Laws

Just in case you get a hankering to ride your bike, we want you to be aware of some strange Utah bicycle laws that could get you in trouble with the law.

Photo: lydia_shiningbrightly

Photo: lydia_shiningbrightly

Passenger Restrictions

Unless you are an adult cyclist carrying a child in a backpack on your back, it’s illegal to have more people on a bike than the bike is equipped for. I saw a man and two children on a single seat bicycle a few days ago. He’s lucky he escaped the wide jaws of the law.

Get Your Bike Off Me

It is against Utah law to attach a bicycle carrying a rider to a person or any moving vehicle. The same is true for mopeds, coasters, skates, sleds, skate boards and toy vehicles. Look out for law-breakers this summer; you might see a few kids pulling friends on wheeled contraptions around the neighborhood.

Look Ma! No Hands!

You could be charged with an infraction if you are riding a bicycle or moped without at least one hand on the handlebars. Knowing this could come as a serious blow to cyclists who’ve perfected the art of riding a bike without using their hands.

Put the Brakes On

You are required by Utah law to have a brake or brakes on your bicycle. In fact, your brakes must enable you to stop within 25 feet while traveling 10 mph on dry, level and clean pavement. After all, someone may be watching and timing your next stopping attempt.

Keep the Noise Down

It’s illegal to put a siren or whistle on your bike, and it’s just as bad to use a siren or whistle while riding a bicycle. Talk about sucking all the fun out of riding a bike.

Hopefully these weird bicycle laws won’t prevent you from enjoying a bike ride around your neighborhood. To be on the safe side, however, you probably should leave your whistle at home and not attempt to pile several people on your single seat bike.

Don’t hesitate to call a Utah criminal defense attorney if you get caught disobeying these vital bicycle laws or something a little more serious. It’s better to have legal representation than try to go it alone. Talk to a Utah criminal defense attorney today.

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