Cockfighting May Become a Felony in Utah

Utah Senate Bill 52 passed the Senate yesterday and is on its way to the House to see if cockfighting will be a felony in the future.

Photo: Stefan van Bremen

Photo: Stefan van Bremen

Cruelty to Animals to Include Cockfighting

The bill amends the crime of cruelty to animals to include causing a game fowl (like a rooster) to fight with a different kind of animal or creature for amusement or gain. Senate Bill 52 would make it a third degree felony for a person to:

• Possess, keep or train game fowl that you’re planning to engage in cockfighting
• Cause game fowl to fight or injure other game fowl for amusement or gain
• Permit cockfighting on your property
• Control, aid or abet cockfighting

The new bill also makes it a class B misdemeanor to be a spectator at any cockfight.

Cockfighting and Abortion?

There was some interesting debate in the Senate yesterday prior to the bill being passed. The senator who sponsored the bill stated that this particular sport can bring gambling, alcohol and drugs with it. A senator who opposed the bill noted that it’s strange to have cockfighting as a felony in a state where aborting babies is still allowed.

Do you have an opinion on this issue? Contact your state legislator if you have strong feelings for or against cockfighting becoming a felony. After all, the people who make the laws are the folks we put in office.

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