Sandy City Water and Bike Violations

If you live or travel within the boundaries of Sandy City, we want to make sure you’re aware of the following water and bike violations—because someone must have thought it necessary that these vital laws be addressed.

Photo: Don LaVange

Photo: Don LaVange

Water Violations

It is against the law in Sandy City to take water out of turn or injure water facilities. We’ll explain in more detail exactly what these violations mean.

The law states that any person who willfully turns or uses the water (or any part thereof) of any

• Canal
• Ditch
• Pipeline
• Reservoir

except at a time specifically allotted to that person is guilty of a class B misdemeanor. It’s also a class B misdemeanor to willfully use more water than you’re allowed.

You also cannot change the flow of water designated for irrigation or other useful purposes unless you’re authorized. Additionally, don’t willfully and maliciously break or injure any

• Dam
• Canal
• Pipeline
• Water gate
• Ditch

or other method of transporting water unless you want to be charged with a class B misdemeanor.

Bicycle Violations—Parking on Sidewalks or Roadways

First, we thought it important to tell you what is allowed when parking your bicycle. It’s okay to park a bike:

• On a sidewalk, unless prohibited or restricted by an official traffic control device
• On a sidewalk as long as it doesn’t get in the way of pedestrians or other traffic
• At any angle to the curb or edge on a roadway anywhere parking is allowed
• By other bikes near the side of a roadway where parking is allowed

Make sure you don’t park your bicycle on a roadway where it will get in the way of a legally parked auto. Besides being against the law, your bike might get run over.

Talk to a Utah criminal defense attorney if you’ve been charged with breaking any of these (or other) laws. It’s better to have a legal expert on your side than to try and fight a criminal charge on your own.

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