70 Year Old Utah Woman in Jail for Criminal Solicitation Hires a Hitman on Witness

A 70 year old Utah woman who was in jail for trying to have her ex-husband and his wife killed back in 2016 is facing new charges of criminal solicitation after again attempting to hire a hitman; This time however, the targets were the former hitman who was a witness to the case against her and an attorney in different case.

Criminal investment

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Linda Gillman (then 69 years old) of Herriman, Utah hired a handyman in 2016 to kill her ex-husband and his new wife. Gillman allegedly had a life insurance policy out on her ex-husband worth millions of dollars. Instead of carrying through with the plan, the hitman contacted the police who then arrested Gillman and charged her with criminal solicitation for murder.

Up to her old tricks

While already in jail for criminal solicitation, Gillman again tried to hire someone to commit murder for her. This time however, Gillman wanted her former hitman who was now a witness in the case taken out. Additionally, an attorney in an unrelated civil case was on Gillman’s hit list. Gillman had approached another inmate of the Salt Lake County Jail and offered to bail them out if they would complete the hits and destroy evidence in the case. Instead, the potential hitman (or hitwoman) went to authorities and Gillman was charged again with criminal solicitation.

Criminal solicitation

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Utah Code 76-4-203 states “An actor commits criminal solicitation if, with intent that a felony be committed, he solicits, requests, commands, offers to hire, or importunes another person to engage in specific conduct that under the circumstances as the actor believes them to be would be a felony or would cause the other person to be a party to the commission of a felony.” The penalties for criminal solicitation depend on the crime being solicited. In most cases, the penalties are one degree lower than the actual crime itself. In regards to criminal solicitation of a first degree felony that is “punishable by imprisonment for life without parole” such as murder, the penalty would also be a first degree felony.

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