Peeping Tom in Dressing Room Arrested For Voyeurism of a Child

A peeping Tom has been arrested for voyeurism of a child after being caught spying on a young girl in a dressing room of a Salt Lake department store.

Peeping Tom

Photo by: Geoffrey Orthwein

36 year old Jorge Leon-Alfaro was arrested Saturday after an alert mother spotted Leon-Alfaro holding a handheld device under the dressing room stall at Rue 21 where her 12 year old daughter was trying on clothes. Leon-Alfaro was in the dressing room next door to the young girl when he attempted to record the girl while she was changing. Furious, the girl’s mother followed Leon-Alfaro, confronting him about his actions while recording the exchange on her phone. Police arrived shortly after and after reviewing the mother’s testimony as well as other witnesses on scene, arrested Leon-Alfaro for voyeurism of a child.

Voyeurism of a child

Utah Code 76-9-702.7 states:
A person is guilty of voyeurism who intentionally uses any type of technology to secretly or surreptitiously record video of a person:
For the purpose of viewing any portion individual’s body regarding which the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy, whether or not that portion of the body is covered with clothing;
without the knowledge or consent of the individual; and
under circumstances in which the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy.
[Voyeurism] is a class A misdemeanor, except [when] committed against a child under 14 years of age is a third degree felony.

Paying attention to surroundings

Authorities are commending the mother as well as others at the scene for being alert and noticing what was happening. During an age when many parents and bystanders may have had their heads buried in their phones, the individuals present were paying attention to their surroundings and were able to stop the suspect before he could continue the disturbing behavior.

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