Reckless Driver with Dab Pen Leaves Scene of Accident while Fleeing Demons

A reckless driver in Utah was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and possession of a Dab pen after he rammed a school bus while reportedly fleeing demons.

Gotta get away

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40 year old Brant Jay Diediker was arrested outside a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint temple in American Fork Utah, where he apparently went to save himself from Satan who he claimed was chasing him. Prior to his temple visit, Diediker was reported to have rammed a school bus full of children. Not only did he hit the bus with the truck he was driving, he repeated this action several times. Officers questioned why Diediker would ram the school bus, and although his actions were intentional, it didn’t’ appear to be done to harm the children. Instead, Diediker was just attempting to save himself from the dark lord.

High or unstable

From his actions, it may appear the Diediker was under the influence of some type of hallucinogen but in actuality, all that was found on him was a form of marijuana. Different from the plant that only produces a severe high if laced or smoke in large quantities, Diediker had been using was is known as Dab, a highly concentrated form of THC that is made from marijuana. Dab, which is also known as butane hash oil is extracted from dried marijuana leaves which are soaked in butane. The butane then evaporates and leaves a potent resin in its place. This resin typically has three to six times more THC than is typically found in marijuana. Diediker had an electronic cigarette with some of this potent resin in it, together known as a dab pen, which may or may not have led to his scary flight from the devil himself.

Criminal charges

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During the course of his flight from evil, Diediker committed 29 offenses, including:

• 20 counts of aggravated assault, third degree felony each. Diediker could have faced these numerous charges due to how many kids were on the bus at the time of the incident. Utah Code 76-5-103 states “Aggravated assault is an actor’s conduct: that is an attempt [threat, or act] . . . committed with unlawful force or violence that causes bodily injury to another or creates a substantial risk of bodily injury to another; and that includes the use of a dangerous weapon [like a motor vehicle]”.

Aggravated robbery of a vehicle, a first degree felony. A person commits aggravated robbery if in the course of committing robbery [taking personal property in the possession of another]: . . . takes or attempts to take an operable motor vehicle.” While fleeing, Diediker took possession of another person’s vehicle that he then used to drive himself to the temple.

Leaving the scene of an accident. Although no one was reported to have been hurt, Diediker was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries of which the penalties would consist of a class A misdemeanor or third degree felony if the injuries were serious.

Possession and driving with marijuana in his system. Diediker had a dab pen and at some point within the last few weeks had used it since it was in his system which together could result in a third degree felony and a class B misdemeanor.

Face the consequences

A few things remain unclear about Diediker’s scary incident and arrest. He may have been suffering from some mental illness or episode or perhaps he was in fact under the influence of potent THC from the Dab pen. If it was the latter, his charges should have resulted in a DUI. It also isn’t known if Diediker was a regular user of Dab or whether he was used to smoking old school joints and was trying something new for a change. Any form of marijuana that has THC in it is currently illegal in Utah for recreational use, and any actions someone takes while high are their responsibility, regardless of whether or not they were aware of the intense side effects. If Diediker was suffering from a mental disorder and not a bad high, he may wish to seek help from a medical professional as he moves forward in his case. For more information on current marijuana laws in Utah, or for help regarding crimes committed while mentally unstable, contact a reputable criminal defense attorney.

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