Utah Man Arrested for Aggravated Robbery after Fairly Obvious Getaway

Photo: Visionary Supervillain

Photo: Visionary Supervillain

A Utah man is in custody after being arrested for investigation of robbery at a Magna convenience store.

Aggravated Robbery Precedes Running Down Street with Gun

A couple of police officers may have been a bit surprised to see a man wearing a full-face ski mask running down a Magna area street. Of course, they were probably even more surprised once they realized he was carrying part of a cash register and a gun.

The officers followed the masked man and were just about to talk to him when they got word that a local convenience store had just experienced an armed robbery. The store’s clerk said that the robber demanded money and the clerk gave it to him. At some point, the man got behind the counter and supposedly took off with part of the cash register.

That’s where the police driving down the street came in. They found the man and tried to question him, but he wouldn’t stop. The officers finally stopped the man as he headed through someone’s yard. He’s now being investigated for aggravated robbery.

This particular suspect doesn’t have a lengthy criminal history; in fact, the only thing he’s been arrested for was a misdemeanor intoxication charge several years ago, to which he pleaded no contest.

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Obviously this guy isn’t the most experienced thief around, and although we don’t advocate armed robbery as the best way to get money, we are here to help anyone who’s facing criminal charges regardless of the severity of the crimes they’re accused of.

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Smoking Alcohol: A New Way to Get Drunk, But Is It Safe?

Who says humans aren’t creative? A new way to get intoxicated has arrived: smoking alcohol. Yes, smoking alcohol is now all the rage. People are using bike pumps to create a DIY kit that vaporizes the alcohol or using dry ice to vaporizes the alcohol. Some people are using this technique to avoid the empty calories of alcohol. A 12 ounce beer contains 149 calories, liquor (gin, rum, vodka or whiskey) contains about 98 calories per 1.5 ounce serving and wine contains about 95 calories per 5 ounce glass. Alcoholic beverages are full of calories, but offer new nutrients and smoking alcohol is way to gain the effects of alcohol without the calories.

Smoking alcohol is considered dangerous because the alcohol is hitting your lungs directly without being processed by your liver or mixing with the food in your stomach. Inhaling alcohol accelerates the time it takes alcohol to enter into the bloodstream. The video below demonstrates how smoking alcohol works and some of the dangers.

Utah Criminal Law Definition: What is Molly?

Molly is a street drug term for the purest form of MDMA/Ecstasy obtainable, which is usually in a crystal or powder form. The term “Molly” is derived from the word molecule (mol-e-cule). Molly’s rapid rise has been fueled in part by music artists referring to the drug in songs. Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Kayne West and others have made references to Molly in songs. Molly induces a feeling of euphoria, a sense of intimacy with others and diminishes anxiety.

Molly is illegal in Utah because it is merely a chemically pure form of MDMA, which is already an illegal controlled substance. However, as with all street drugs Molly capsules don’t always contain the promised ingredients. Often what is sold as Molly is only bath salts (Methylone), Caffeine, or nothing at all. It should be noted that in Utah possession of a counterfeit controlled substance is also illegal. Utah Code Annotated 58-37-8. What that means that it is illegal to possess Molly even if it doesn’t contain MDMA. However, a good criminal defense attorney is needed either way. The following video helps explain: What is Molly?