Drink Order May Help Protect Women in Unsafe Dating Situations

A specialty drink order making headlines may help protect women in unsafe dating situations.

Online dating

Photo by: Mike Beales

In a world where many dates begin online, meeting in person can still feel very much like a blind date. Many of these “meet in person” moments take place at bars where the environment is more casual and adding a drink or two helps lower inhibitions. Even in this comfortable setting, things still may go south. Once there, someone may discover the person they are meeting is far different than they expected. Some dates end up looking much different than their profile picture which was taken with a filter. More often things don’t work out due to a matter of personalities clashing. Unfortunately, there are some instances when a date goes wrong, leaving the other party feeling unsafe.

Bartenders looking out for patrons

When a date is just not going well, a person can either politely excuse themselves or wait for their scheduled call from a friend to bail them out. When a date ends up making a person fearful for their safety however, they may need help safely removing themselves from the situation. Several bartenders across the nation and even in the Salt Lake valley are looking out for their female patrons who may be in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation while at the bar. Many bar owners have posted instructions in the women’s restrooms on how to safely get out of a bad date. There are two different methods going around that have both proven to be effective in the bars where the info is posted.

Ask for Angela or an Angel Shot

Some bars have instructions posted informing women on bad dates to ask the bartender for “Angela”. This code word lets the bartender and other bar staff know that the person is in a situation that they feel uncomfortable getting out of on their own. The most popular “bad date exit plan” making the rounds is the Angel Shot. A woman in an unsafe dating situation at the bar simply requests a drink of the bartender. This “help me” drink is called the Angel Shot. How the woman orders this drink lets the bartender know exactly how they can help.

• If the woman wants to be walked to her car, she asks for her Angel shot “neat”.
• If she needs a cab or Uber, she asks for her Angel shot “on the rocks”.
• If she feels the need to involve the police, she asks for her Angel shot “with a lime”.

Staff trained to help

Not all bar staff in Utah are trained in knowing what an Angel shot is or what a patron means when they ask for Angela. Additionally, many perpetrators who would be problem dates have heard of Angel Shots, making the discreet request not so discreet. Fortunately, many bouncers and staff at popular bars are trained to look for problem situations. Prior to setting up a blind date, it might be wise to call ahead to the bar of choice and ask about such training to ensure a date is set in the safest possible setting.