Child Kidnapping Charges For Salt Lake City Man Who Carjacked Vehicle with Child Inside

A Salt Lake City man was arrested for child kidnapping after he carjacked a car with a young child still in the back seat.

Theft of an occupied vehicle

29 year old Derek Orr was arrested after taking a woman out of her minivan and driving off with a four year old girl in the backseat. Orr waited until the woman had stopped in traffic and then approached her, demanding she give him her vehicle. He then opened her door and took her out forcefully, got in, then drove away. As the woman stood in the middle of a busy road yelling for help, she alerted other drivers that her daughter was in the stolen vehicle. Meanwhile Orr, who was under the influence of drugs, discovered that he wasn’t alone in the minivan and dropped the young child off at a business a few blocks away. The child was frightened but unharmed. Orr was later located and after a few hour standoff with law enforcement was apprehended. He now faces multiple charges including aggravated robbery and child kidnapping.

Child Kidnapping

According to Utah Code 76-5-301.1, “An actor commits child kidnapping if the actor intentionally or knowingly, without authority of law, and by any means and in any manner, seizes, confines, detains, or transports a child under the age of 14 without the consent of the victim’s parent or guardian, or the consent of a person acting in loco parentis.” Child kidnapping is a first degree felony, punishable by five years to life in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

Piling on the charges

Although Orr purposefully carjacked the vehicle, it does not appear he intentionally or knowingly (at first) committed child kidnapping. Had that been his intent he would not have safely left the child somewhere for her mom or the authorities to locate her. While Orr may need to be punished for the crimes he committed, adding on additional charges to someone who made poor choices while high on drugs is just adding to the growing number of addicts already behind bars. Orr is currently being held on two misdemeanor charges along with eight felony charges including the first degree felony for child kidnapping. Anyone facing criminal charges should seek legal counsel, especially when the charges start to pile up unfairly. An experienced attorney can help defend all charges, including those that shouldn’t have been added in the first place.

Utah Carjacking Suspect Beat Up by Girl in Backseat

A carjacking suspect was beat up by a teenage girl who was in the back seat of the car stolen from a gas station in Midvale, Utah.

Car theft outside gas station

Photo by: Håkan Dahlström

A Utah mother returned to the pump outside a gas station in Midvale, Utah Sunday to discover her car missing along with her two children who were in the backseat. A search ensured that ended shortly after when the car was discovered a few blocks away with the baby and thirteen year old girl safely inside. The carjacking suspect was nowhere to be found.

Beat up by a kid

Police aren’t certain why the carjacking suspect ditched the car so soon, however it could be due to him being beat up by the thirteen year old girl in the backseat. The young teen was in the car watching over her baby sister when the carjacking suspect entered the car and started driving away. Determined to do what she could to save her little sister, the teen began hitting the suspect repeatedly in the head and pleading with him to return the baby to their mother. Perhaps out of surprise of finding kids in the car or more likely to save himself from being physically assaulted, the carjacking suspect eventually stopped the car and fled on foot.

Located and charged

Photo by: Greg Scales

Through the use of video footage as well as the suspect talking openly about the incident to others, officers were able to locate and arrest the suspect after several hours on the run. 39 year old Charles Brandon Peterson is facing charges for vehicle theft and kidnapping. Peterson, who was on parole was taken back to the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah where he will face these new charges as well as humiliation from being beat up by a kid.