No Charges for Utah Man who Killed Hijacker

No charges will be issued for the man who killed a hijacker in Utah this weekend.  On Saturday May 2nd, a 31 year old man heard the cries of a hijacking victim being pulled from her car outside a department store in Orem, Utah.  When he came to the victim’s aid, the 27 year old hijacker dove toward him.  As a result of this aggressive action, the 31 year old shot the hijacker once in the chest.  He later died from his injuries.

Hijacker killed by Utah man

Photo by: Mika Järvinen

Killed for Stealing a Car?

There are many speculations as to why a citizen can open fire on an unarmed man for nothing more than trying to steal a car.  Even though the 31 year old man could say he fired his weapon in self-defense when the suspect charged him, the hijacker stealing a car with the victim inside was a valid enough reason to take that shot.

Protected by the law

In Utah Code 76-2-402 it states that “A person is justified in using force intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily injury […] to prevent the commission of a forcible felony. […] Burglary of a vehicle, defined in Section 76-6-204, does not constitute a forcible felony except when the vehicle is occupied at the time unlawful entry is made or attempted.”

Know your gun rights

The man who fired the gun had taken all the required classes to earn his concealed weapon permit and rightfully fired his weapon in self-defense.  It is unclear at this time if the Good Samaritan knew he could fire his gun simply to stop a hijacking.  Utah has one of the highest amounts of concealed weapon permits in the country.  It is essential for persons packing heat to know their rights before they are put in situations where they might need to use a weapon.  They who have already encountered these circumstances need to contact a criminal defense attorney who is educated in Utah gun laws.