Utah Woman Charged With Child Kidnapping Her Own Grandson

A Heber, Utah woman was arrested and charged with child kidnapping after she took her own grandson and fled the state.

Unauthorized trip with Grandma

56 year old Donna E. Jones was arrested last week after she took her almost 2 year old grandson and fled the state of Utah. Jones, who is the child’s paternal grandmother, was located along with her grandchild over 1200 miles away in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The child’s mother had just been awarded full custody of the child and police have determined that the non-custodial father helped the grandmother in the kidnapping following the court proceedings which were not in his favor.

First degree child kidnapping

Although the grandchild suffered no injuries on his unauthorized trip with grandma and was with a known family member and not a stranger, Donna E. Jones is still facing anywhere from 5 years to life in prison. Child kidnapping is a first degree felony and is defined under Utah Code 76-5-301.1 as when a person “intentionally or knowingly, without authority of law, and by any means and in any manner, seizes, confines, detains, or transports a child under the age of 14 without the consent of the victim’s parent or guardian”. In the case of Donna Jones, she had consent of a parent, just not the parent with custodial rights.

Stranger danger

While the mention of child kidnapping brings to mind a stranger snatching up a child while a parent isn’t watching, stranger abductions really only account for about one-fourth of all child kidnappings. According the National Crime Information Center, almost half of all child kidnapping cases are of children taken by a family member. In the majority of cases, the family member charged with child kidnapping is the non-custodial parent, but could involve other family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even siblings.

Prison time for disagreeing with court decisions

Child custody hearings can often leave one parent or other relatives feeling like they got the short end of the stick. Unfortunately, family members may act irrationally for fear of not seeing the children as often as they would like. For anyone facing child kidnapping charges for making a bad decision following a child custody hearing, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Strict Probation for Utah Sex Offenders

Sex offenders in Utah are required to abide by a strict probationary program until their name is removed from the sex offender registry.

Ten years to life

Photo by: West Midlands Police

Photo by: West Midlands Police

Regardless of the severity of the offense, those who make the registry of sex offenders can expect to stay on that list for at least ten years. The Utah Department of Corrections states that those persons who are convicted of the following crimes will be on the registry of sex offenders for ten years after they are done with their jail or prison time:

“1. Kidnapping
2. Voyeurism
3. Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor
4. Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a 16 or 17 Year Old
5. Forcible Sexual Abuse
6. Incest
7. Lewdness (4 convictions required for registration)
8. Sexual Battery (4 convictions required for registration)
9. Lewdness Involving a Child
10. Aggravated Human Trafficking
11. Custodial Sexual Relations (if victim was under 18 years of age)
12. Sexual Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult
13. Sexual abuse of a minor
14. Attempting, soliciting, or conspiring to commit any felony offense listed above (or in the “life” list below)”

Those found guilty of any crimes on this subsequent list, or those convicted more than once for any crimes on the above list, will be on the registry for sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

“1. Child Kidnapping
2. Aggravated Kidnapping
3. Enticing a Minor over the Internet
4. Rape
5. Rape of a Child
6. Object Rape
7. Object Rape of a Child
8. Forcible Sodomy
9. Sodomy on a Child
10. Sexual Abuse of a Child or Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child
11. Aggravated Sexual Assault
12. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor [child pornography]
13. Aggravated Exploitation of Prostitution”

According to this second list, after their sentencing is over, a person who was caught with child pornography is treated the same as someone convicted of rape of a child. While these two crimes seem hardly comparable to many, why does it matter if their name is registered? What does being on the sex offender registry entail?

More than a list of names

Photo by: micadew

Photo by: micadew

When someone is on the registry of sex offenders in Utah, not only is their name exposed for anyone looking through public records, they also have strict laws that they must follow as long as their name is on the registry, even for a lifetime. These laws include restricting:

Where they live. If sex offenders which to move, they must first get permission. This includes moving residences within the same city.
Where they work. Their choice of employment must also be approved by a parole officer.
Public places they frequent. Those convicted of offenses against minors may not be in any area where children meet. This can include: schools, parks, public pools, and even family get togethers.
Who they have contact with. The most obvious restriction regarding who sex offenders have contact with is the victims and their families. Additionally, those convicted of sexual offenses against children may not have contact with minors under the age of 18. This can include children of significant others.
Even how late at night they are allowed out in public. According to the UDC, when required, “[they] must enter into and successfully complete established progressive curfews, or electronic monitoring where available.”

Some of these restrictions can be altered slightly but only after a parole officer has given written permission.

Life changing

Being registered as a sex offender can dramatically change the way a person lives for the rest of their lives. Just as someone is on probation or parole, everything that sex offenders do and everywhere they go is restricted and documented. In fact, according to the UDC, “sex offenders are supervised even more closely and held to higher standards [than those facing probation and parole for other charges].” For those individuals who are facing charges of sexual offenses that could place them on the registry of sex offenders, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.