Utah Teenager Turns Parents in for Drug Use and Child Endangerment

A Utah teenager has started her family down a safer path after turning her parents in for drug use, theft and child endangerment.

Kids are watching

Photo by: Samuel Johnson

A 15 year old Santaquin, Utah teenager who had been watching her parents engage in illegal behavior for some time decided to alert a relative to the situation. The teen told the relative and later authorities in great detail how her parents and their friends had done drugs in front of the teen at home. She also informed police of a theft-based business her father and a friend were running out of the garage. The parents were arrested and the teen will likely be staying with more responsible family members while her parents face criminal charges.

Child endangerment

The teen’s parents, Eric and Jamie Taylor, were arrested after their daughter’s confession of their illegal activity. The charges against them are expected to include drug possession, theft, and child endangerment. Utah Code 76-5-112.5 states regarding child endangerment that “. . . a person is guilty of a felony of the third degree if the person knowingly or intentionally causes or permits a child or a vulnerable adult to be exposed to, inhale, ingest, or have contact with a controlled substance, chemical substance, or drug paraphernalia”. By doing drugs in front of their daughter and having those illicit items and accompanying paraphernalia in areas where she could access it, Eric and Jamie Taylor were putting their child’s health and even her life in danger.

Needed steps to reunite a family

It is understandable that the teenager daughter did not want to be around her parent’s illegal and dangerous activity anymore, regardless of her familial feelings for them. Fortunately it sounds as though she has extended family members she can trust to care for her while her parents pay their penance to society. Hopefully her parents use this time to get the treatment needed to end their dependence on drugs while also learning to how to be better parents to such a responsible and courageous child.