Marijuana Possession: Utah

While many of Utah’s neighboring states have reformed their laws surrounding the use and possession of marijuana, Utah’s laws remain quite strict. For instance, though recreational use and possession (excluding medicinal use) of marijuana in California is still illegal, it has been decriminalized across the state, and other states have followed suit. However, marijuana possession in Utah is still a serious penalty.

In fact, when charged with possession of marijuana in Utah, or any marijuana charge for that matter, the individual could have their driver’s license revoked, in addition to fines and possible jail time. The penalties faced relating to marijuana possession in Utah also vary depending on the amount of contraband found. While possessing up to 1 ounce warrants a class B misdemeanor, higher amounts of marijuana can result in felony charges, jail time, and thousands of dollars in fines. Although some states have stricter marijuana laws, such as Arizona where first-time offenders can be penalized with felony charges, marijuana possession in Utah is not to be taken lightly.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession: Utah

Previously stated, the severity of marijuana possession charges in Utah depends on the amount of marijuana found, that is, without regards to paraphernalia or intent to distribute. Additionally, the location of which the individual is found with contraband can also impact the severity of their charges. For instance, if the individual is found in a drug-free zone, such as a park or school, their charges could be increased. In terms of only possession, the list below explains the penalties for marijuana possession in Utah.

  • 1 ounce or less: Individuals found with up to 1 ounce of marijuana will be charged with a class B misdemeanor, a maximum fine of $1,000, and a possible jail time of 6 months.
  • 1 ounce to 1 pound: Possession of 1 ounce to 1 pound warrants a class A misdemeanor, an increased fine of $2,500, and 1 year of possible jail time.
  • 1 to 100 pounds: A felony charge, any individual possessing between 1 and 100 pounds of marijuana will face up to 5 years in a Utah state prison and a maximum fine of $5,000.
  • Over 100 pounds: Possession of over 100 pounds of marijuana is also a felony charge, and such offenders could face up to 15 years of incarceration in a Utah state prison, in addition to a $10,000 fine.

It should be noted that the penalties for marijuana possession above detail the charges for first-time offenders. Second-time offenders possessing under 1 ounce of marijuana will then be charged with a class A misdemeanor, while third-time offenders will face a third-degree felony.

Marijuana Possession Utah: A Serious Matter

In addition to the penalties and charges surrounding marijuana possession in Utah, simply possessing marijuana paraphernalia warrants the same charges. Furthermore, any marijuana conviction, whether it be possession, cultivation, or distribution, could result in a suspended driver’s license for 6 months. Lastly, the sale of marijuana still requires a tax stamp. Individuals found in possession of marijuana will also be required to pay Utah’s stamp tax, which is approximately $3.50 per gram of marijuana found. Clearly, possession of marijuana in Utah is a serious matter, and many charges, penalties, and fines may ensue.

Clayton Simms: Salt Lake Criminal Defense Lawyer

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