Do I Need A Utah Bail Bondsman and How Does Bail Work?

You may need a Utah bail bondsman if you have been arrested, charged with a crime and the Judge has set bail in your case. Bail is usually set according to the seriousness of the offense. A bail bondsman asks for 10% of the bail, and proof of collateral for the balance, such as proof of home ownership. Almost all bondsman take credit cards for the 10% of the bond; however, the tricky part on large bonds is coming up with sufficient collateral to secure the bond.

If you do not own a home, the bail bondsman might accept a written guarantee from someone you know that is willing to guarantee payment in the event the court forfeits the bail. Some bondsmen may take a title to a car or take possession of jewelry or tools as collateral for a bond. 

Before posting bail consider whether the money you are about to pay a bail bondsman could be better spent hiring a private criminal attorney. While a bondsman can get you out of jail in the short run, only competent counsel from an attorney can secure your freedom in the long run.

Another thing to consider before posting bail is whether you qualify for pretrial release. In Salt Lake County the office of pretrial services is a division of the court which monitors defendants outside of the jail. If you qualify, pretrial services will make a recommendation to the Court for your release to them.

You should contact a Utah bail bondsman directly for more information or contact your Utah criminal defense attorney who could guide you to a bondsman with a great reputation. contains a list of bail bonds agents, jail phone numbers and other helpful information.

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