Traveling Internationally with a DUI Conviction

Having a DUI conviction can result in jail time, hefty fines and a suspended or revoked driver’s license, but in can also affect plans for traveling internationally.

Traveling internationally

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Those with felonies on their record tend to hesitate before traveling internationally as they likely understand their record can follow them wherever they go. Some countries have stricter policies regarding certain crimes and may not be welcoming to those who have been convicted of driving under the influence, even if the charge is a misdemeanor. Most international travel from U.S. citizens happens across borders, which includes the countries of Mexico and Canada. Being close by and sharing a continent may cause people to assume they can travel there freely with a passport, but that isn’t always the case.


Canadians are known as being overly friendly but this is not the case to those with a DUI conviction. While a DUI in the U.S. may be a misdemeanor, it could be a felony in Canada. If this is the case, sources note there is could be a 10 year limit that a U.S. travelers with DUI convictions are barred from crossing the Canadian border. For those that wish to visit Canada before that long 10 year limit, according to the Canada Border Services Agency, “Depending on the crime, how long ago it was committed, and how you have behaved since the conviction, you may still be allowed to come to Canada, if you:

• convince an immigration officer that you meet the legal terms to be deemed rehabilitated, or
• applied for rehabilitation and were approved, or
• were granted a record suspension, or
• have a temporary resident permit.”


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It is a misconception that Mexico is more lax in its policies toward DUI convictions. While Mexico’s policies seem to change frequently, Mexican officials have access to the U.S. criminal database (Interpol). If it will show up on someone’s record in the U.S., it can show up when they try to enter Mexico. While traveling following a misdemeanor DUI conviction usually won’t end in trouble, there have been several people who have been denied entrance to Mexico for a felony DUI conviction on their record. If a felony DUI doesn’t stop someone from entering Mexico, it has the potential to create a hassle for them upon return to the States.

Know before you go

Anyone with a criminal record including a misdemeanor DUI conviction, planning on traveling internationally is encouraged to inquire carefully with the countries they plan to visit before setting off on their travels to ensure they will not face problems during travel. Even if travelers aren’t denied entrance, being held up with immigration officer could be embarrassing and time consuming. For more information, contact U.S. Passports and International Travel.

Mexican Drug Cartel Trafficking Narcotics through Utah

Recent drug raids in northern Utah verified to authorities that a Mexican drug cartel has been trafficking narcotics through the state of Utah.

$2 million in narcotics

Photo by: The National Crime Agency

Photo by: The National Crime Agency

The raids that were conducted during the early part of September 2015 in West Valley and Midvale resulted in almost $2 million dollars worth of narcotics seized. 50 pounds total was located in both a suitcase and concealed locations in five different vehicles. This was a big hit to the Mexican drug cartel, not only financially but also to their personnel.

Mexican drug cartel bigwigs

Those arrested included some bigwigs in the Mexican drug cartel who were probably in the state looking over their operations. These individuals are known as being considerably dangerous. The fact that a firearm and two live grenades were recovered in the raids cemented this notion.

Pawns of the Mexican drug cartel

Not every member of the Mexican drug cartel organization is a high ranking member like the bigwigs arrested. There is always someone at the bottom rung of the cartel ladder. Those who typically have this title of doormat for the Mexican drug cartel are young, naïve, or have financial or drug abuse issues. These individuals soon become over their heads in illegal activities, unable to break away from the life of a Mexican drug cartel pawn.

Get out now

Drug trafficking and distribution is a risky business and getting mixed up with the Mexican drug cartel proves to be fatal for numerous individuals. Trying to escape that life can also be dangerous as those who try to leave frequently face repercussions. Sometimes, facing criminal charges instead may be an opportunity to seek help to leave that lifestyle behind. Deals can often be made to bring down those higher up. For more information contact a criminal defense attorney.